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We are a Flooring Store! All we sell is flooring. That's all we have sold for more than 40 years and we are very good at it.
We don't sell everything including the kitchen sink.

Why purchase from Mama's Carpet Company?

We have been in the business of selling carpet and flooring since 1977, that's more than 40 years. While others have begun to include other products to try and make ends meet, we have always stuck with what we know best...that's flooring...period.

Knowledge and Experience

Every flooring job is a custom job. It's the details that make for beautiful flooring. Understanding sub floors and how to prepare them properly. How do the walls meet the floor? What will happen when there is a transition from one type of flooring to another? Where is the best place to put the seams? Was the structure built last month or last century? What materials will work best for different traffic levels? These are details that can never be written into a computer program or learned with a few days of training. There is no substitute for knowledge and experience.

Prices, Specials and Promotions

If you check our prices, you'll find that we don't need to run Sales or Promotions. Our installers don't work for free. The state always wants their sales tax. There won't be a bunch of little things that double the price. Plain and simple...we try to give you the best price we can all of the time. Some times a manufacturer will have a promotion and we will be happy to pass that on to our customers. Rest assured that the price we give you will be the price you pay and will be the best price we can give you.